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                  Micro sprinkler

                  Release time:2017-07-01  Browse times:181 times

                  Adopt new engineering plastics and strong wear resistance. Uniform water distribution. Precision design, precision manufacturing, spraying evenly. Spray stability, 360 full circle spray. It is easy to install and maintain, and the price is low. The installation of anti leakage valve, can be used for micro overhang, anti leakage. Applicable to all kinds of hardness of water quality, long service life.
                  Applicable condition:
                  1 greenhouse irrigation. 2 nursery nursery.
                  3 fruit irrigation. 4 garden lawn, garden green.
                  5 flowers. 6 increase indoor temperature, atomization, cooling.
                  Hebei Hongyuan Pipe Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
                  Address: Fang Guantun village, GuShu Town,Yutian County, Tangshan, Hebei Province, China