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                  Quick water intake valve

                  Release time:2017-07-01  Browse times:171 times

                  The quick water intake valve is convenient to fetch water through the water intake key (rod) and can be used as soon as possible. It is mainly used for burial in irrigated areas, such as garden, lawn, flower or villa garden.
                  brief introduction
                  P-33 intake valve
                  The water intake valve is buried in the ground and does not affect the landscape environment, and can also prevent passers-by from abusing water. A quick water receiver for temporary water intake from underground piping systems. Can also be connected to the hose after manual irrigation or irrigation vehicles, roads, such as plug and play, that is, pull out. With O gasket, the sealing effect is good. Specifications are "3/4", "1" and so on, the material has plastic steel and copper.
                  Quick water intaking device (also called convenient body) with O gasket, the sealing effect is good. The outside can be protected by the valve box, and the grass green top is in harmony with the environment,
                  The main body is the valve body, and the whole set is assembled with a key and an anti-theft joint. Can also provide a 360 degree turn elbow (see below right on the left), avoid large torque is connected with the vertical key water produced in the process of moving the junction of keys, water pipe, water main body and even cause damage.
                  Plug and play, that is, unplug. After you connect the hose, you can wash the water or wash the car, road, restaurant, kitchen, toilet and so on. Widely used in parks, courtyards, highways, factories, and other greening sites for motorized water intake.
                  Application description editor
                  Maximum working pressure: 0.62Mpa
                  Structural dimension 3/4 plastic inside and outside thread 1 plastic outer thread
                  P-33 quick water receiver (high) 138mm, 150mm, 100mm, 140mm
                  P-33DK valve key (high) 180mm, 180mm, 150mm, 255mm
                  Hebei Hongyuan Pipe Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
                  Address: Fang Guantun village, GuShu Town,Yutian County, Tangshan, Hebei Province, China